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Hi Shirley,
Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed reading FLAME FROM WITHIN while I was fishing and camping at Shaver Lake.  I was hooked from the beginning, with my nose in it for two days until I finished. Great story.
Love Suzanne Loofbourrow

Hey Shirley! 
I just finished reading your book!  What can I say, except "AWESOME'!!!!  I hated for it to end.  Will there be a sequel to this one??  I will be ordering a copy for my mom.  She read your first one and really liked it.  She will love this one as well.  What talent you have for the written word!  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world! 
Susan Copeland

Hey Shirl,

Just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying the book.  I’m on chapter 10.  You done good ;-)

Patti Walters                                                                                                      California



Hi Shirley~
I just finished your book "Flame From Within"
This is a good book. Great story~very detailed. You have a creative imagination.
I lived the life of  'Aimee' all through the book.It is a page turner. I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you Shirley, keep writting, God be with you,
Lulu Ann Bernardic